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With mastitis, as with many animal health issues, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. Preventing mastitis is not only much better for the cow; your staff who manage day to day mastitis are put under less pressure and have the opportunity to do more productive work elsewhere on the farm.

Mastitis is a multi factorial disease. To determine where issues are arising from, several areas need to be investigated. Some factors include:

  • The age and health of the cow
  • Udder Health
  • Type of bacteria present
  • Milking management and hygiene
  • Shed and milking plant
  • Environment

There are some well-known prevention practices and strategies which are largely based around good farm management, milking routine and hygiene. The use of teat spray and managing udder health are also vital components.

Dry cow therapy has an important role in mastitis management. It aids in curing existing infections, and along with internal teat sealants help to prevent new infections over the dry period. This period of the lactation cycle is critical for the cow is she is vulnerable to picking up new infections which can persist into lactation.

Every mastitis problem can be resolved and prevented. We offer several services and programs including grade busts, milking visits, Healthy Udder and SmartSamm. We strive to help solve costly mastitis issues and formulate a successful management plan for the future.

So are you:

  • Grading?
  • Have a stubbornly high cell count?
  • Treating a lot of clinical cases?
  • Culling too many cows for mastitis?
  • Finding general mastitis difficult to manage?

If these things are getting you down, contact us at the clinic and we can help you conquer them! For more information on Healthy Udder and SmartSamm, please click on the logo.

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