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We can assist you with the process of getting your mare in foal, whether you choose fresh or frozen semen, or natural mating.

Artificial Insemination

Using rectal ultrasound, we can identify the follicles growing on your mares ovaries. The size of the follicle is a good indicator of ovulation and the best time to inseminate your mare.

Fresh and chilled semen placed in the uterus at the right time has the best chance of leading to pregnancy, with an average conception rate of about 55% to 70%. When the mare is close to ovulation the semen would be ordered and the mare inseminated.

Frozen semen has been cryogenically stored in liquid nitrogen. This has the advantage of lasting a indefinite length  of time and can be shipped around the world. The straws are quickly thawed from -200℃ to 37℃ and placed in the uterus in very small volumes.

As one might expect, the stress on the semen can cause many to no longer be viable.This combined with the relatively small volume results in reduced conception rates. Furthermore, stallions vary in their suitability to having their semen frozen. These 3 factors lead to a wide variation in conception rates, but worldwide the average tends to be about 40%. It can therefore potentially take up to 3 or more cycles to get your mare in foal this way.

Things to consider when planning to breed your mare:

  • Have you chosen your stallion?
  • Fresh/frozen semen? Natural mating?
  • Do you have a safe location to scan your mare? This is important for the safety of your mare, and us.
  • A power supply for the scanner.

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