Facial Eczema Info – grass/blood samples

Bring your grass samples in for us to test for you so you know what is happening on YOUR farm.

We can also blood test a group of your cows to see if any damage has occurred already, and if the zinc levels are at protective rates. 

To take grass samples:

1. Cut 100g of grass (one bread bag full) with scissors or a knife, at 1cm above the ground level (to stay away from contaminating sample with soil and roots) – try and get from up to 10 random areas at least 10 metres apart in the paddock.
Avoid parts of the paddock sheltered by trees and hedges.

2. Put the sample in a clean plastic or paper bag and bring in as soon as you can, otherwise store in the fridge until you can take into the clinic.

3. Repeat sampling weekly in the same paddock(s), and take samples on the same path across the paddock.


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